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Octane Vectron Fractal PACK N°2 - Tutorials - Cinema 4D & Blender scenes

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In our second Vectron pack, we will explore how to create complex materials and environments like never before, thanks to the power of our latest fractal formulas.

This pack is designed for people or studios that are new to 3D fractals, and in case you are already familiar with software like Mandelbulb 3D or Mandelbulber, you will have a lot of fun with a cinematic render engine like Octane.

You will learn how to tweak and find the perfect fractal for your environment or create seamless loops with the control of more than 30 parameters ready to tweak for each formula.

Learn how to Integrate fractals with the environment in our tutorials

What we go over:

  • -Setting up Vectron in Cinema 4D.
  • -How to load our Fractal Formulas in Cinema 4D and Blender.
  • -Basic knowledge about the Vectron object.
  • -Tweaking fractal parameters.
  • -Realtime navigation with different Octane kernels.
  • -Assign different materials to the fractal.
  • -Create seamless loops.
  • -How to improve your render quality with lights and fog.
  • Integrate fractals with the enviroment.
  • Create complex materials with UV mapping based on iteration number.

Flexibility, thanks to Octane, you can render our fractals with any Octane compatible software.Cinema 4d, Blender, Unreal engine and many other.

Pack includes:
  • 4 Tweakable Vectron formulas UberSierpinski, FoldingBrot, UberBulb, MengerKoch with more than 30 parameters and different modes each.
  • Different tutorials about how to create scenes with fractals with Cinema 4D.
  • 48 Vectron scene files for Cinema 4d and Octane render (For detail check
  • Tutorial about how to start and Install Octane Vectron for Blender.
  • Render ready setups for Blender Octane edition.
  • Cinema 4D materials for Octane.
  • Octane Standalone *.ORBX files with formulas.
  • OSL Gradient script for material based on iteration number(From OTOY).
  • 48 HQ stills from our presets.
  • Overview image with all presets for Cinema 4D.
  • Support, if you have any question, mail us!

More than 30 parameters for each formula, with sliders, different modes and keyframable.

What you need before start:

  • Octane 2019 or later
  • Basic knowledge of Octane
  • Cinema 4D or any Octane compatible software (Blender, Maya, Lightwave, Unreal Engine 4...)
  • Patience, fractals can be heavy to calculate!

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48 Vectron Fractals scenefiles for C4d - 4 Tweakable Vectron formulas for any Octane plugin (Blender, Unreal engine...) - Tutorials about Vectron and Octane render for Cinema 4D - Materials designed for fractals.


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Octane Vectron Fractal PACK N°2 - Tutorials - Cinema 4D & Blender scenes

16 ratings
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