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Octane Vectron Fractal Formula Presets + Tutorials + Examples

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Octane Vectron Fractal Formula Presets + Tutorials + Examples

Machina Infinitum
16 ratings

We made 50 different fractal presets, 5 basic formulas with full working colors based on iteration number and smooth adjusting sliders for a clean fractal parameter tweaking. Example setups included for Cinema 4D and OSL formulas working with any Octane software(Blender, Unreal Engine, Maya, Houdini..).

What we cover in the tutorials:

-Setting up vectron in Cinema 4D.

-Load our Fractal Formulas.

-Basic knowledge about the Vectron object.

-Tweaking fractal parameters.


-Iteration number and detail.

-Vectron material, OSL and gradient script.

-Material based on iteration number.

-Render time optimization.

Pack includes:

-50 Vectron Fractals presets for C4D, as well as Orbx files for Unreal Engine etc.

-5 tutorials

-5 Tweakable Vectron formulas for any Octane 2019+ plugin

-Blender scene files

-Universal Material for Vectron object

-Individual stills with all presets

What you need before start:

-Octane 2019 or later

-Basic knowledge of Octane

-Cinema 4D or any Octane compatible software (Standalone, Blender, Maya, Lightwave, Unreal Engine 4...)

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Pack includes: 50 Vectron Fractals presets for Cinema 4d (previews below) -5 Tweakable Vectron formulas for any Octane plugin (Blender, Unreal engine...) - 5 tutorials - Cinema 4D Project files from animation trailer - OSL Gradient script - Universal Material for Vectron object - PDF with all presets.


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